Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Our tomatoes are in season. We only have a couple of the Roma (paste) tomato plants. The dastardly rabbit mowed down a few plants back in June. Skip replaced them with mini paste tomatoes called Juliets.  They're teeny  but very juicy and we have TONS of them.

A few years back we invested in this nifty tomato press from Lee Valley. Just toss the skinned tomatoes in the top and crank away. The juice and fibre get pressed out the bottom (metal bowl)and the seeds go out the chute on the side.
We put the seeds through a few times to ensure that we get all the tomato juice and fibre out the bottom
Then we're left with lots of pasty juice
which we then boil down in the crock pot or on a pot on the stove. This boils off some of the excess liquid and concentrates the flavours. We just toss some basil in and then fill containers with it to freeze for later use.
We'll enjoy eating from our garden in the winter time when we thaw and cook with some of these processed tomatoes.

I'm such a 'Suzy Homemaker' sometimes. LOL.

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