Thursday, 1 August 2013

You Can Go Back Again

I took a quick trip to my home town and the environs this week to visit my sister, some other family members, revisit some of my old haunts and have breakfast with some of my former colleagues before I head back home tomorrow for the Civic Holiday weekend.

One of the things we ex-pat Sarnians do when visiting the area is go for fries under the Bluewater Bridge. Just before lunch, I spent a few minutes at the water's edge at the mouth of Lake Huron. A freighter was just going under the bridge where Lake Huron empties into the St. Clair River. I still marvel at how good a photo my iPhone 4S can take - IMHO.

There are a couple of chip trucks that operate right under the bridge but the best one (Albert's) lost its spot a few years back and they've moved into a real building only a few hundred metres away. There, my sister, Valerie, and two of her grandchildren and I had a lovely lunch of hot dogs, FRIES, pop and ice cream. We were feeling pretty mellow after that so we decided to drop the kids (age 9 and 16) off at the beach while Valerie and I went yarn-shopping. We then returned to the beach to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing while the 9 year-old, Alex,  played and swam, and the 16 year-old, Andrea, chilled listening to tunes on her iPod while Valerie and I knit socks and watched the antics of a cute little puppy with his new owners a few metres away.
Nana (Valerie) and Andrea
Here's sock-knitting proof.
Alex schmoozed with the little girl who had some beach toys to play with. The two of them played and swam together all afternoon.
As long as you don't expect everything to be the same as it was when leaving your hometown, you can go back again.

It was a lovely summer day in one of my favourite places from my youth.


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