Friday, 27 September 2013

One More Step...

I finished the doubled garter stitch border on Tuesday night. It makes the border quite sqwooshy.
When I picked up the stitches all around the edge to begin knitting the border, it created purl bumps on the back of the blanket all around the edge. After I had knit the border with the mitered corners, using increases on either side of the corner stitches then decreases back to the original number of border stitches, I then took a tapestry needle and stitch by stitch I picked up a purl bump on the back and then one stitch from the needle.

It creates a very tidy edge and conceals all of the steeked stitches and ends of yarn from the colour changes.
I really like the look of the back of the blanket, too.

Rams and Yowes is very photogenic.
And an indoor shot.
It is a toasty, warm, lap blanket which will be keeping my legs and feet warm while I knit or watch TV. Working with the Shetland wool was lovely. I will keep my eye out for an appropriate sport or DK weight yarn to make another, larger one.

I did run out of one colour on the border and just knit more with the next colour in the order. I almost ran out of white which was my last border colour and the colour I used to hand-sew the border to the back of the blanket. I am obtaining another ball of the Shetland black (a really dark, dark brown) to knit on the i-cord edging and the last step.

I just have the final episode of the last season of "Breaking Bad" to watch to conclude my "Breaking Bad" binge. I enjoyed watching the first episode of the new season (4th) "Downton Abbey" which aired in the UK on Sunday night. I have just finished listening to Michael J. Fox' book, "Lucky Man" and rather enjoyed it. I'm ready for another audiobook. I seem to be in a biography mode these days.

And now, to run some errands...


  1. I love that blanket Geri, it's a fabulous looking pattern.
    It would be nice if it was a bigger size :-)

  2. That blanket is gorgeous Geri! I have some chunky natural shades here...boy that would make a big blanket....heavy....but big! Hmmmmm........