Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Last week, my knitterly friend, Anne, emailed me:

"I am cleaning out (again) and found a bunch of spinning stuff….I have to admit I will NEVER spin, so I was wondering if you'd like it."

Ever the acquisitive one, I told her I'd be happy to help her destash. So she bundled everything up and mailed it to me. She warned me that she packed the fibre in quite tightly and to expect it to expand significantly once I opened the parcel.

It arrived today. OMG!!!  What a spinner's treasure trove!

There were two drop spindle instruction books and a "Spin In" magazine, 

two drop spindling DVDs,two 4oz. bundles of beautiful hand-painted roving from Gale's Art in my favourite colours, 200g of natural shetland roving, and a Bosworth drop spindle!!! Holy crap! A Bosworth! That blew me away!
Of course I had to try the spindle and the natural fibre out so I spun up a little bit and plied it. 
I'm so thrilled! Thank you, Anne! I will take good care of all this lovely stuff. 

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