Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Since I enter some of my knitted items in the local spring fair, I'm always interested in the Homecraft entries when I visit other fairs. I was quite impressed with many of the items on display at the Brigden Fair last weekend. Patricia Truesdale entered several small hooked rugs in various classes.
This little hooked piece of hers was attached to a tote bag.

There were some lovely quilted items. I recognized this sampler as a paper-pieced kit that I have in my stash somewhere.
The woodland animals were fussy cut in this quilt.
This had a nautical theme.
This 'Twisted Pumpkin' table topper that measured about 24" x 24". 
I then admired a couple woven scarves. This was twillwoven tencel
and this was twillwoven cottolin.
This is the only handspun I saw on display. It is in the category: 'Skein spun by an experienced spinner'.
These were a couple of the nicer cross-stitched pieces. I recognized this Paula Vaughan pattern. 
I wonder if this John Deere tractor picture was from a kit. They were both done on Aida cloth.
Someone got 2nd place with their Great American Aran Afghan. They also knit the cabled border which would have taken a long time and several balls of yarn.  When I did mine, I did the modified garter stitch border.
I like the way they display the winner's name for all to see. These two items were in the 'Winner's Circle' and displayed separately from the other items. Catherine Huang had a lot of lovely knitted items entered this year. This was a log cabin garter stitch afghan that looked to be knit with yarn held double. It looked to be a very thick fabric.
Here was another big winner - a two-piece knit set for a baby.

I liked the way the items were displayed. The lighting was good in the room and it was easy to get good pictures of the entries.

Now it's got me thinking of what pieces I'll enter next year in the Brooklin Fair.

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