Thursday, 10 October 2013

October Shuttlebug Meeting

Now that I have the loom, I was very eager to attend this month's meeting of the Shuttlebug Weavers and Spinners. They have tons of weaving resources and information that, as a member, I am welcome to borrow.

As it happens, the library had recently been re-organized and duplicates of some of the books and magazines were there for the taking so I snagged one called "Four Harness Weaving" that was originally developed for the Youth and Recreation Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services - probably dating from the mid-1970s.
Jacki, Judy and Gayle attended a weaving workshop in Haliburton this summer.

Gayle showed us a fringing board that makes it easier to measure, cut and braid fringes.
 Jacki talked about the challenges she had weaving with alpaca yarn.
She got a lot of practice repairing warp threads and concluded that alpaca yarn may not be the best choice for that purpose.
Judy showed us a trick suspending the lease sticks that makes it easier to dress the loom.
She also spoke of the challenges she had weaving yardage to make a jacket. The instructor used almost half of her warp demonstrating samples so she shared with us how she laid out the pattern pieces with what was left.
Judy also showed us some interesting weaving accessories.  The top two items are weaving paddles. The boat shuttle is a double one that can hold two bobbins.
Carol Ann then reported on a fur sewing workshop that she attended. She described the special kind of sewing machine that is used to sew pelts or strips of fur together. The needle operates horizontally rather than vertically and the resulting seam looks like it was serged. She passed around the samples that she worked on. There are not many fur sewers any more - not surprising since it is not very politically correct to kill animals for fur or wear fur.

And now to get a warp onto the loom. Wheeee!!!

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