Monday, 4 November 2013

Anne O'Maille Workshop

Today we had a workshop with Anne O'Maille the proprietor of a Galway knitwear design house. She employs over 100 knitters who create sweaters for her mail order and bricks and mortar business.

We knit several traditional Irish patterns using Donegal Studio Aran Donegal Tweed yarn.

The first piece we knit was a headband with the traditional diamond with moss stitch interior alternating with a diamond with a bobble inside.

Then Anne gave us the pattern for the blackberry stitch. I knew it as the trinity stitch as it consists of making 3 stitches in one alternating with p3tog to make little bobbles. It is not my favourite stitch so I didn't do a very big swatch. However, if you like this stitch this Bobble Sheep Pillow by Purl Soho pattern has LOTS of it.
Then we were given a 'tree of life' pattern created with twisted knit stitches on the right side rows and twisted purl stitches on the wrong side.

We were also given a scarf pattern which incorporated the Lobster Claw stitch with 1 x 1 cables and lace. I only got four rows done before our time was up.

Today after our activities, I had a chance to go to Anne's store and I bought a sweater's worth of the 3ply Aran yarn.
It will require some creative packing but I will get these babies home.

Tomorrow we're off to the Aran island of Inisheer for some sight-seeing and a workshop with Una McDonagh.

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