Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stitching Update

At my stitching guild the other night we started a little ornament using 18-count fabric and perle cotton threads. Of course I picked the purplish ones.

The pattern is Byzantine from the Caron website. We will be doing a nifty finish at some future guild meeting - hopefully January.
Here's a closeup. Oops! I just realized I haven't finished the outer crosses on the two right sides. It pays to take a photo of an item and look at it carefully. Mistakes or omissions are much more readily noticeable.
I need to decide how to finish this Hardanger ornament. Perhaps with a coloured background to show through the open centre?
Here are a couple I stitched from past JCS Christmas Ornament editions.
I like the way the actual musical notes are shown. I did correct the key signatures, though. I didn't like how they looked on the original pattern.

Today is the 50th anniversary of JFKs assassination. Many still have vivid memories of what they were doing when they heard the news. I remember coming home from school and finding my mother in tears with flour all over her apron. She had been baking when she heard the news. I was 9 years old

There have also been some very interesting retrospectives on TV. I learned that Bob Shieffer actually drove Lee Harvey Oswald's mother to the police station and didn't identify himself right away as a reporter so he could try and get a 'scoop'. The police thought he was a detective but when he admitted he was a reporter, they told him to get lost. 

I just had a heck of a time composing this post. Argh! First, I tried to do it on my iPad mini and for some reason it wouldn't upload my photos. The I tried the Blogger app with a little more success. I'm now on my laptop and I can't seem to get the photos to centre. Oh well, you get the idea.

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