Friday, 20 December 2013

And Then There Were Mitts - Part II

I have been working on Mo's very clever And Then There Were Mitts mitts. I have the left one done except for the thumb. I did a shortened version - only 4" before starting the thumb gusset.
The ribbing hugs the hand and makes it suitable for any hand. My handspun is a bit thicker than fingering weight so I could probably have gone up a needle size. I don't mind the snug fit on the hand. I will further modify the thumb from the pattern and will just knit stocking stitch with some ribbing before binding off. Right now the stitches are being held by dental floss - the only thing I had available whilst riding the GO train this week.

This shows the cool feature of this design. The 'turtleneck' folds out and covers the fingers nicely.
The right one is on the needles. Hopefully I'll get it finished this weekend. 

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