Tuesday, 10 December 2013

And Then There Were Mitts

My knitterly friend, Mo (Maureen Foulds), recently published a sock design, "And Then There Were None" based on the renamed Agatha Christie novel. Another Ravelry member who doesn't normally knit socks told Mo she bought the pattern for the cable design as she wanted to turn them into fingerless mitts.

Mo quickly got going on a clever design which incorporated long cuffs (gauntlets, really), the cable pattern from her sock design and a long ribbed section that covers the fingers. It folds back easily due to a knit round that creates a 'crease' in the fabric that flips back when the wearer wants to sent a message on their smart phone, pick up change, type, etc. She named her design, "And Then There Were Mitts". Click here to see her blog post or here for the pattern or here for a great photo.

And the coolest thing? She released the ATTWM pattern today on Ravelry and got to Number 1 on the "Hot Right Now" section of the Patterns page!!! That's #1 out of over 146,000 patterns on Ravelry!!! Number One! It may be the loneliest number but it's pretty freaking amazing to be a Hot Right Now number 1.

Isn't that just the coolest?

And the pattern is free on Ravelry until this Wednesday, December 11.

I hope Mo remembers us 'little people'.

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