Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Traditions

I was shopping at the discount store (that rhymes with FallMart) and found a bunch of different Christmas kits. The one that really caught my eye was this one:
Of course I had to buy it but it was mostly for the sweater cookie cutter. I have already made a bunch of Christmas cookies but will need to make another batch for Christmas giving so will do a few of these as well.

Last week Skip and I went to the local farmer's Christmas parade which involved them decorating their tractors with lots of lights and in most cases towing a trailer/float. It lasted about 15 minutes which is about all one wants to be outside in the dark and cold.

My intrepid companions (Skip in the foreground and Owen and his grandpa in the background) eagerly waited for the start of the parade.

 Finally the tractors appeared - each with a generator to light the lights. There were reindeer on this one - front

and back.
Here was a load of presents for good girls and boys.

On this 'float' were Scooby Doo and a festive teddy bear.

This was one of the 'minimalist' floats.

This one was drawn by a couple of horses.

Across the street was a large group - several families, I suppose. I think it's an annual tradition for them as well. In between floats, the peppy young boys played in the snow in the ditch.
Finally Santa arrived - driving his own tractor!
And then it was done.

Once we got Owen back in the car, he conked out for the ride home.

Last night we attended our local town band's Christmas concert. They are celebrating their 150th year of operation. My buddy and classmate from university (a few decades ago), Glenn Ward, is their conductor.
A couple of rows ahead of us, this woman was sporting a sweater with an interesting pattern - a tree of life in a diamond cable. I had to sneak this shot.
The tractor parade and the Christmas concert have become annual tradition for Skip and me. They combine festive events with spending time with friends.

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