Saturday, 14 December 2013

Honey Ribbed Cowl

Last Christmas I custom-knit a Honey Cowl for a friend of mine to give to his girlfriend. She wanted an 'infinity scarf in two colours and I thought this pattern would suit. I didn't get a photo of her wearing it but this is what it looked like ready to wrap.
Months ago I started one for me with Sandnesgarn Alpakka yarn. I picked it up last week to finish while I was riding the train into The Big City and was able to finish knitting it on the ride home.
I modified it by knitting three rounds of stocking stitch between groups of 3 stranded rounds. I liked the variety of texture.
I actually wore it like this when we got off the train as it was really nippy on the walk to our car.
When I went to weave the ends in I discovered 4 holes in the fabric which I had to mend by a sort-of duplicate stitch. I guess we must have had a hungry moth in the house this summer. Funny, the only items I've knit that have ever developed holes (assume by moths) were 100% alpaca.

The down-side of the alpaca cowl is the fibres shedding onto anything remotely sticky. My coat is a slippery fibre but I'll have to watch what I wear when I use this cowl.

The Honey Cowl is a really easy knit and certainly a faster knit than I made it.

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  1. Very pretty cowl and I love the colour. It matches my winter coat.
    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby Geri :-))