Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ice Storm 2013

It continued to drizzle all day yesterday and overnight. We lost power this morning from 3am to 6am, according to Skip (I slept through it).

This is what it looked like out our front door this morning.
There was even more ice on the bird feeder.
The birds were quite desperate so Skip got the top off, filled it to the brim and re-installed the pie pan as a squirrel baffle.

I like this shot along the fence.
There is so little colour outside anymore. I just had to capture this shot with the thick ice completely encasing the berries.
Our neighbour's birch tree is hanging over both our driveways.
Here's a shot through the metal structure of our gazebo that we leave up all winter.
We lost power again at 3pm. I wrapped Christmas gifts in semi-darkness. We then prepared for the night without electric light or heat. I amassed many candles, lighters, matches and candlesticks. Skip brought up the two kerosene lamps we've had in the basement for years and had never used. I brought in a bunch of firewood as the temperature in the house was dropping.

I built a nice fire for warmth more than the cozy factor. (I really had to lighten this photo)
It did take the chill off. We never really felt cold as the temperature only got down to about 16C (61F) - only a couple of degrees below where we normally set the thermostat during the day.

Scooter's train was on time after several earlier delayed trains. The power at his mother's has been out since 7 this morning.

Just as we were getting ready to go out for dinner at 5:30 the lights came back on. Yay! I insisted we still go out for dinner. Lots of people in line at the restaurant had been without power since 1am. We were pretty lucky by comparison.

Not much knitting done today...

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