Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pillowcase Tutorial

I have made a couple of pillowcases for a young friend but realized the other day I'd never made one for my own boy. I spent over an hour at Fabricland the day of its big Boxing Day sale but couldn't find the right fabric for my project. It was either too girlish, too cute, too juvenile, too basketball or baseball-ish and nary a manly plaid was to be found. I had made Scooter a pair of flannel pyjama pants for Christmas but forgot to buy enough fabric to make a matching pillowcase.

I tried a different Fabricland on Sunday and actually found some acceptable fabric. I washed it that day and finally had some time today to sit down an make the pillowcase. I referred to this video and this tutorial.

I made the cuff too long (I forgot to trim it to the correct length).
But I really liked the lettered fabric. Very à propos for a university student, n'est-ce pas?

In retrospect, I would omit the narrow trim piece. With flannel fabric, it make it a tad too thick.

His bed sheets are light green. This should look quite spiffy with them.
I hope he likes it. 

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  1. Fantastic pillow case! I love the green "knitted" pattern fabric. I'll have to try making a couple more pillow cases this year.