Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crocheted Snowflakes

I was taking the ornaments off the tree yesterday and thought I'd write a post about crocheting snowflake ornaments for the tree.

Several years ago I went on a crocheting binge. I found a Bernat pattern book (if I locate it, I'll post the name of it) and the correct crochet hook and got to work. I was kinda rusty on my crochet stitches but reviewed the illustrations in the book. Nowadays one could simply 'Google' the term.

I made about a dozen of them and then put them in a ziplock bag with equal parts of water and white glue, mushed them around and let them sit for 15 min or so. That way the glue and water would really soak into the threads. I then put some plastic wrap on a cork board and pinned them out on top of some 6 pointed templates, including pinning every picot and point. Here's a template you could use:
After drying thoroughly, they were nice and stiff and remain so to this day.
I hang the smallest ones near the top of the tree and the biggest ones near the bottom. They could also be used to decorate Christmas cards or gift tags.

And now they're put away for another year.

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