Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tea Cozy

Yesterday my monthly knitting group met for lunch. We got caught up, showed and shared and had a nice meal. Afterwards we headed over to the local yarn shop. I bought some Berocco Vintage Chunky blue-red yarn to knit a tea cozy for our little 'brown Betty' tea pot.

I used this pattern but fewer pattern repeats as the wool was much heavier than the fingering weight in the original, vintage 1946 pattern.
This is the pattern I used for the flowers on the top.
I just used random yarns of varying weights.
The pattern called for the seams joining the outer, cabled layer to the inner, stocking stitch layer.
I used mattress stitch so it would look cleanly finished.
This should keep the tea hot for quite a while.

There was quite a bit of seaming but I just plugged away at it while Mo and I sat and knit and chatted this evening. I really don't mind doing mattress stitch as it looks so neat and tidy once completed.

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