Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There was a knock at the door yesterday. When I opened it, there were 2 parcels that we had ordered online. One was books from Amazon and the other was from KnitPicks.

Yay! The sock blockers have arrived!

While ordering, I thought I'd order some of the beautiful Caspian wooden needles in my most-used length (10") and sizes (4mm - 5mm). Also a 2.5mm fixed circular needle.
They appear to be very similar to the Harmony needles, just different colours. But the Harmony needles were made in India and the new Caspians are made in China.
I am now able to better display The Big Four socks.

Here's another close up of the interesting, yet easy to execute, pattern. It's a checkerboard background with a superimposed trellis.
I am now at an impasse. I don't have any new projects planned. I have some lovely madelinetosh sock yarn I could make either socks or a shawl with but the only shawl pattern I want to knit comes in a set of 5 patterns and costs almost $20. I've been trolling Ravelry but haven't found anything that has 'grabbed' me. It's particularly perplexing because A Good Yarn is so closeby with every yarn one could ever need and I still can't think of what to start. I did bring a couple of projects with me so maybe I'll have a stab at one of them.

I did find a helpful hint for casting on the tab at the neckline of a crescent-shaped shawl. It is all explained here. Susan's Sweet Dreams Cast On is outlined here.

The Sweet Dreams shawl is actually the one I was thinking of doing. I may just bite the bullet and buy the Boo Knits collection.

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