Tuesday, 4 February 2014

We're Here!

We had a good drive to Florida last week. This is the route we took.

Before crossing into the US, we stopped into the Duty Free store. I noticed this jaunty 'wool' cap for sale.

They were on sale for $9.99. On closer inspection, I noted why they may have been so deeply discounted.

They were made of 35% wood? The ones we saw in Ireland weren't made of wood.

We had Mexican food in Lexington, KY. We must have arrived at Happy Hour because our two beers (20 oz. drafts of wheat-free Bud Light) only cost $2.50!!
The car performed wonderfully, was comfortable, and got good gas mileage. The weather cooperated. In fact by the time we got to Florida, all the splits on my fingers (from the dry conditions at home) had healed.

At the GA/FL border the temperature got up to 20C and rose progressively as we went further south. It got up to 30C just before we arrived at Sarasota. 2460 was the number of kilometres we've put on the car since we picked it up on Wednesday. We had about 20km on it when we left the house. (I took this while we were hurtling down the highway - Skip was driving).
 And when we got out at the condo, it was 28C and we'd logged 2478km.
We took it pretty easy today and finally went out to do some shopping. I also got to stop into the local yarn shop, A Good Yarn. They carry lovely yarns.
Tomorrow we will get the salt and crap washed off the car and do some more food shopping. We're avoiding wheat, grains, and sugar so finding food we can eat can be kinda tricky. We can eat meat, nuts, seeds, cheese and vegetables. We are reading more and more about how wheat in the system creates inflammation. So we are giving this 'Wheat Belly' diet a try in an effort to stave off overweight, diabetes, and get rid of adipose fat. I've been on this eating program for a month today and so far, so good.

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