Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Scented Yarn

I have been using up odd bits of dishcloth cotton knitting my favourite pattern, "The Cotton Dishcloth (once removed or dressed up)".

I didn't notice when I bought this yarn but it's another scented one.
This time, lavender. The colourway is the striped yarn  on the dishcloth below on the top left.
On the solid blue one, I used 18 stitches rather than 16. The yarn is heavier and I don't like it for a dishcloth but it's a good cleaning cloth.

I'm working away on the Man in the Brown Suit sock. I'm on the foot and have decreased to 62 sts to make it a bit snugger on the foot. Yes, there is a mistake on one of the cables. I think I did 2 x 4 instead of 4 x 2 there but I didn't rip it all out to fix it. I figured it would be under pants so not noticeable when I'm wearing them. However, I won't be entering this pair in the Brooklin Fair this year.
There's something wonky about the 2nd cable from the top on this side, too, but I'm not sure what I did wrong. Oh well. They're still going to look fine in the fall. I love autumnal colours.
I still need to knit a pair of black socks. I did a pair of black, ribbed, merino/silk socks a few years ago and one went missing. I do have an extra ball of the same yarn so one of these days I'll knit a replacement.

I'm still looking for some knitting inspiration. I think I'll do some surfing on Friends/Activity on Ravelry.

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