Monday, 19 May 2014


Yesterday, our friends, Susan and David, invited Skip and me to go geocaching with them. They have the nifty Garmin GPS. I've kinda been intrigued with this kind of treasure hunting and was glad to have the opportunity to have 'experts' show us what to do.

We headed off to an area a few kilometres east of here close to the Lake Ontario shore. It was a lovely, sunny day - perfect for a scenic drive.

We found the first cache in a cemetery. It was at this point, David informed me that I could download a geocaching app on my iPhone. We then went to the harbourfront at Newcastle but couldn't find the cache we were looking for. Then we drove farther east along Lakeshore Drive and found a couple more.  It was lots of fun.

We then went antiquing in Orono and I picked up a stitch pattern book dating from 1980 for $3. Then we went back to David and Susan's to sample some Prosecco they're considering buying for toasting at their daughter's upcoming wedding reception.

It was a very fine day.

Today is Victoria Day, a statutory holiday in Canada commemorating Queen Victoria's birthday. We call it the 24th of May weekend as it is celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th. Some call it the May Two Four weekend (a 2-4 is a colloquial term used for a case of 24 beers) as it usually marks the first long weekend of our fairly short cottage season.

Being retirees, weekends aren't a big deal for us. We can do fun things every day of the week and, in fact, try to do most stuff during the regular work week while everyone else is working. Skip is golfing with his league today and won't be home 'til after 5. I decided to take my iPhone geocaching to see what I could find in our vicinity.

I couldn't find the first cache I was looking for. It was along a creek and I didn't really want to step off the path into the muddy creekbank. However, I did find the second one I was looking for. Cool!

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