Monday, 23 June 2014

Slipped Stitch Socks ... Finished and Deck Tour

I have been working on the second sock between bouts with the Kirkingwood Paisley Shawl. I finished knitting the second sock on the GO train yesterday on my way in to have lunch with long-time friends and sorority sisters on the Harbour Front of Toronto. I just grafted the toe.

Here they are on our lovely, new deck.
Speaking of the new deck. Here are a few photos:

This is the view from the kitchen door.
and from the corner of the deck. We are trying to find a gazebo to cover the table as it is a south exposure and gets the full blast of the sun for most of the day.
This was a shot taken before the steps and skirting were done.
I liked this herringbone pattern that I saw online somewhere. It is similar to the previous pattern. The builders found it rather easy to do - only having to cut the angled ends at the edge of the deck.
Oh, yeah, the socks...

Here's what the 'eye of partridge' shadow wrap heel looks like.
I also used this reinforcing technique on the top of the toe.
I haven't done as much knitting lately. I haven't had a lot of inspiration other than the paisley shawl. I'm still not sold on the laceweight yarn I selected. I may end up

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