Saturday, 5 July 2014


Have you noticed lately some people with really spiffy, decorated nails? They probably have Jamberrry wraps on them.

Last night I attended a Jamberry party at a former student's house. Jamberry is a nail wrap system with many cute and trendy designs. The wraps come in sheets and you pick the width that works best for your nails. There is a bit of preparation - pushing back cuticles, cleaning nails with alcohol, etc. but they are very easy to apply and there's no waiting for them to dry.  The adhesive is activated by heat and then the wrap is applied directly to the nail and pressed down for maximum adhesion.

Any bit that hangs over the tip is gently filed off with an emery board perpendicular to the nail tip. Here's the 'official video'.

A sheet of wraps costs $17 ($15 US) and do about 3 sets of nails. If you order 3 sheets, the 4th one is free! (Now they're talking my language). Here's a link to the website with all the designs.

Advantages to the wraps are that no solvents are used for application so they are excellent for pregnant women or people who are intolerant to acetone and acetone-like fumes (or the people they live with, as in my case). Properly applied and cared-for they can last up to two weeks and longer on the toes - way longer than nail polish. Removal is relatively easy with the use of non-noxious rubbing alcohol.

Here is the wrap I tried out on my pinkie.
Lace Noir
You don't leave the party with an applied set. You place your order and if the hostess has more than $200 in orders the shipping is free to the hostess' home (normally $10). Delivery to this area of Canada is two weeks.

It is expensive, but with my crappy nails, this is a great way to jazz them up in a non-toxic fashion.

In knitting news, I'm on row 41 of 70 on the chart. The first paisley feature is almost finished.
I'm on the gussets of the first striped sock.
After having the deck rebuilt, we had to decide how we were going to shade it so we could actually use it when the sun is shining. We've been toying with the idea of getting a hard-top gazebo but decided to delay that 'til next year and instead,bought an 11' x 11' offset umbrella. It was easy to put up and with some care (folding it up at night, putting on the cover when it is going to rain or be windy), should last the summer and  hopefully a couple more to some.

I eat my breakfast (read the paper, do the crossword) out there every morning.

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