Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Knitting Paisley

I continue to work on the Kirkingwood Paisley Shawl. I'm on row 51 of 70 of the chart - well on track for completion by July 20 or so.
I have completed the lower Paisley feature.
I'm really glad I bought a second skein of this yarn because I'll run out of yarn with the first skein using the larger needle than the pattern calls for.

I finished spinning the braid of Gale's Art roving last Monday at spinning and started plying. I was given these two bundles of roving a while back by a knitting friend who, after acquiring a bunch of spinning stuff, realized she'd never spin. They are the same dye lot but the upper bundle base fibre is black bluefaced Leicester and the bottom is white fibre. I think you can see what a difference the darker fibre makes with the same dye.
I finished plying last night and got the 410 yards wound on my nitty noddy.
I'm pretty happy I can fairly consistently spin fingering weight 2-ply yarn.
I think it would make a lovely woven scarf. Unfortunately, I have just loaned out my warping board so I won't be weaving for a while.

It's raining again. I'm happy for the farmers. Our garden is flourishing and the grass needs cutting every third day or so. Summer days like this are very conducive for taking naps. Having not been much of a napper in the past, I have made the transition to dozing off whenever I sit down to read or relax in a reclining position.

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  1. I'm loving the colours that you have been using recently - this green is wonderful!