Monday, 28 July 2014

Sewing Blitz

I have wanted to do some sewing since I acquired some nifty fabric a few weeks ago.

I wanted to make some baggage tags for a while and have found several patterns online. I ended up making a hybrid of this tag and this one.

This is what I ended up with.
The name and address can't be seen by a casual observer but easily accessed by peeking between the two flaps.
Here's one opened up. The strap goes around the handle of the suitcase and then you tuck the tag through the loop. I made the little window the size of a business card.
I can do buttonholes fairly easily with my sewing machine.
This shows the strap through the buttonhole.
I also made a matching cosmetic bag. I used low-loft fusible batting to give it a bit of firmness
and a coordinating fabric for the interior.
The recipient is going on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam next month. I hope to do a similar cruise someday.

I thought the fabric was à propos.
I think I'll make another set of these for myself. ;-)

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  1. Wspaniały pomysł. Chyba skorzystam z niego, ponieważ zawsze szukam swojego bagażu ;-))) Pozdrawiam