Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Skip and I have taken a little trip across the border to our south to pick up some golf clubs he ordered that have just come in. In my haste to pack this morning, turn off the laundry faucets, take out the garbage and recycling, lock all the doors, water the plants, feel the caterpillars, skritch the cat, top up some bottles with water to take in the car, find the maps, etc. etc. I FORGOT MY KNITTING!!! Gasp! I didn't remember until we were about 30km from home so after I calmed myself down (I was driving) I decided to pick up some dishcloth cotton and knitting needles and knit a couple of dishcloths to tide me over. So far I've only checked and replied to email and looked at some stuff online.

Back at home, there is a finished faux fair isle sock.

The leg of its mate is done and I'm about to start the heel flap. But that will have to wait 'til I get home on Thursday.

Tomorrow we're going to explore a couple of areas of Buffalo we've never visited before. Then Skip will get dropped off at a driving range so he can try out his new clubs while I entertain myself (hit a fabric store).

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