Saturday, 30 August 2014

Another Bag and Tag

One of my knitting peeps, Donna, is leaving for a wonderful holiday tomorrow. Her hubby is newly retired and they've been planning a river cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia for a year.

I made her a zipped bag with the most Asian fabric I could find.

I found a zipper to match the outer fabric and used a contrasting fabric for the lining.
For the zipper pull, I just use a few inches of bias tape that I poke through the hole on the zipper tab. I then true up the two ends and tie them in a knot. Then I put Fray Check (or clear nail polish) on the raw, cut edge.

Of course, Donna needed a baggage tag

She could also use the bag for a project bag for her knitting.

I look forward to hearing about her adventures in the Far East.


  1. Wonderful bag! I love that fabric :-) Is the bag design your own, or is it a purchased/acquired pattern?

    I'm certain your friend will love her travel gifts!!


    1. Basically, I take a square of paper 1/2" wider than the desired width and round the top. That is my pattern.