Sunday, 3 August 2014

Any Time Now

The larvae have been continuing to voraciously feast on milkweed leaves and have been pooping a lot as a result.
I have cleaned out the Bug Bottle twice already today but they're really chowing down. I thought the smallest one wasn't doing well but it continues to eat. I hope it catches up in size.

The largest one has climbed to the top of the bottle and has started to excrete the fibres that will attach the chrysalis (pupa) to the lid. Before it pupates, it will shed its last outer skin.
I'm guessing there will be a chrysalis hanging there sometime this evening. The other large caterpillar should follow in fairly short order as they hatched from eggs hours of each other.

Here's a webpage that has videos of the chrysalis forming and the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

Stay tuned...

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