Thursday, 7 August 2014


I was out picking a nice, tender milkweed leaf for our remaining caterpillar this morning. I thought I'd have a look under the leaves of the 5 plants we have just on the off chance I'd find more eggs. Sure enough, I found 2 more eggs!

Since the caterpillar is consuming the leaves quite heartily, I found another container (mayonnaise jar) to house the newly discovered eggs with their leaves.
I call it the nursery.
Skip and I are going to be away for a couple of nights in the not-to-distant future and I have arranged for someone to look after the 'livestock' during our absence. Yesterday, I thought the care-giver only needed to keep an eye for the pupae emerging and letting them go but with the discovery of the two new eggs (which will hatch in 3 - 4 days) he'll have to look after providing them with milkweed leaves and cleaning the poop out of the 'nursery'.

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