Saturday, 23 August 2014

First Ruddington Sock Done

I was happily decreasing the gusset stitches after turning the heel when I happened to look at what I had knit on the front of the sock and noted a miscrossed cable back before the heel. Argh! Again I frogged it and fixed the problem and re-knit. This time I finished the sock. It only took 6 tries. I could have knit the two of them if I hadn't had to frog so many times.
I added 2 extra knit stitches on each side for a total of 72 stitches in the round.
I used my usual 'eye of partridge' heel flap.
This is the Ruddington pattern on the back of the sock. I didn't do anything fancy design-wise before starting the heel flap.
 I continued the pattern down the instep of the sock.
At the toe I rounded off the cable by doing a series of passing slipped stitches over back and forth between each needle reducing the 4 stitch cable to 1 stitch and also making 3 stitches to make up for the ones that were slipped over; two on one side of the remaining stitch and one on the other. I thought that would give the cable a nice rounded finish.
Sock number two will be started today.

To summarize: (my generic sock pattern)
Cuff - 2.25mm needle casting on 72 sts and following the first two rows of the Ruddington chart adding 4 knit stitches on each side of the sock.
Leg - switch to 2.5mm needles and knit 7.5"
Heel flap - Eye of partridge for 32 rows
Gussets - decrease to 70 sts.
Toe - decrease every other round to 32 sts, then every round to 26 sts.
Graft using Kitchener stitch.

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