Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bias Lace Scarf

I am somewhat of a yarn snob. I believe if you are going to spend all that time knitting an item, you should use good yarn but not necessarily the most expensive yarn.

There is one yarn, however, that is readily available at craft and discount stores that I rather like for the colours. That is Lion Brand Amazing yarn. I have knit a couple of projects using it.

The Inspira cowl

and the hat Inspired by Inspira.
I bought a couple of balls of this yarn a while back to start another project but it really wasn't right for it - just too fuzzy.  However recently I found Noro Bias Lace Scarf pattern and thought this yarn would be great for it.

The colourways I had didn't change colour as quickly as a Noro Scarf would so I decided to knit alternating yarns. I also didn't do the increasing triangle at the beginning as I wanted points so just cast on 36 stitches to start knitting on the bias. After completing the rows of the lace pattern, I knit rows 1 and 2 again to achieve 2 ridges on each side of the eyelet row. Then switched yarns, carrying the other yarn loosely up the side. I knit until I ran out of one yarn then finished with the other.

It's quite warm and snuggly. It also looks pretty good on the wrong side.

I like the striping.

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