Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Teaching Entrelac

I've been asked to do an entrelac workshop for the Shuttlebugs at the October meeting. Although it is a weaving and spinning guild, many of the ladies are knitters and requested that I demonstrate and teach this technique. I will be giving a preview next week at the September meeting so I can tell them what they need to bring to the workshop.

I knit up this little swatch using a remnant of sock yarn and will be writing up a pattern for us to use at the workshop. I blocked it very firmly so the stitches on the sides of each square look quite distorted. Entrelac is knit in tiers. The first tier are the bottom triangles. Then the side increasing triangle. Then the series of squares knit from the side of the first tier's triangles. Then the side decreasing triangle. Once the desired number of tiers have been knit. the top triangles are knit.
It isn't as complicated as it sounds but one does need to keep track of things.

I'll also demonstrate some of the entrelac projects that I have knit.
Dianna Shawl using Zauberball yarn

The same pattern but knit as a rectangular scarf.

And the dishcloth that started it all.
Garterlac Dishcloth by Criminy Jickets
 The dishcloth is still in use but very faded. I will have to knit another to use as a sample next week.

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