Friday, 5 September 2014

Garterlac and Ruddington

Next week I'll be doing a preview of a workshop I'm doing in October with my spinning and weaving guild, the Shuttlebugs. I knit up a dishcloth last night for the demo.

Garterlac dishcloth by Criminy Jickets
When purchasing dishcloth cotton, the balls are all the same price but NOT the same size. The solid colours  have more yardage than the striped ones. This ball was only 42.5g (1.5 oz.)  and 62m/68 yd where a solid ball would be 56g (2 oz.) and have proportionately more yardage.

I got a little nervous as I was knitting the last tier of squares because I didn't think I'd make it to the end of my knitting before the end of the yarn. Fortunately there was enough with 6 yards to spare. So this project took about 62 yards of yarn on 5mm needles.

I then went back to working on the Ruddington cardigan and have almost finished the left front.
Hopefully this evening I'll get it finished and cast on the back.

My knitterly friend, Jennifer, and I are heading to Kitchener next Saturday for the Knitter's Fair. Neither of us needs to augment our stashes but we love being amid our people and seeing all the lovely things. A nearby yarn shop,  Shall We Knit? , won't have a booth at the fair this year because they get swamped with shoppers who go to their shop in Waterloo after attending the fair in neighbouring Kitchener. It's too hard to staff a booth at the fair as well as staffing the shop on such a busy day for them. So Jennifer and I will stop by Shall We Knit? and also hit Len's Mill Store just a couple of blocks from there.

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