Friday, 24 October 2014

Bags and Mitts

I made another grab bag the other day. The pattern makes a bag 12.5" wide and 17" tall
The fabric had a knitting theme - balls of yarn and knitting needles.
I lined it with stripey fabric in the same colours.
This was a 'deluxe' one with low-loft batting.
I also unearthed a kit for a tote bag that I bought 2 - 3 years ago. This fabric also had a knitting theme.
Knitting sheep and knitting terms in the lining. I included some interior pockets.
The sewing instructions were somewhat incomplete and lacked a photo. I felt like I was sewing blindly. But it turned out OK.

This evening I finished knitting the Evenstar fingerless gloves I had abandoned sometime ago.
I used Knitpicks City Tweed DK which was very nice to work with. I modified the pattern by adding a 'turtleneck' which can be folded back...
 or extended for extra warmth on the ends of the fingers.

I'm trying to think of what else I can knit with this yarn as the tweedy flecks do add a little visual distraction from the pattern.

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