Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cladonia, BFL and Pendulum

I started the Cladonia shawl from the kit I purchased at the Knitter's Fair last month. It is knitting up very quickly.
I only have 4 more rows before I start the lace. I've only used one of each skein thus far. The lace edging should be done with the darker yarn but I'm going to work out the math to see if I can do it with the remaining lighter coloured skein. It's a semicircircular shawl radiating from the centre of the neck.

The increases are along the same line every 4 rows. Alternating colours this way makes it very easy to know on what row to work the increases. It's been great knitting while watching TV.

Last night at spinning, I finished spinning and started and finished plying the blue roving from the BFL bundle.
From the one ounce of roving I got 120 yards of 2ply - a light fingering weight.
 It looks fairly evenly spun and plied it you don't look too closely. LOL.
I have NO idea what I will knit with it but it will have to be something pretty special. Any suggestions?

I'm finally remembering to post pics of the kit I won in the draw at the pre-festival show at Rhinebeck.
Aside from the Bijou Basin Ranch Allure fine fiber & fabric wash, were these two lovely 100g/400yd skeins of Dirty Water Dye Works 'Lillian' 100% Superwash merino yarn in Moon Shadow and Wheat colourways and the pattern for the Pendulum shawl.
Amy Miller's 'Pendulum' is an "easy to knit shawlette ... the short rows and stripes keep it interesting while the garter stitch keeps it simple and fast".
I like kits because they (generally) guarantee there is adequate yarn yardage for the given pattern.
I am preparing for an exciting event that is coming up - the final step in being selected to teach knitting on a luxury cruise liner. I hope to have good news after the weekend.

Remember to 'fall back' with your clocks on Saturday night!

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