Thursday, 13 November 2014

Finishing, Starting, and Swatching

I finished the bindoff to the Cladonia shawl and got it blocked.
It is a very easy knit, especially when using two colours. One needs to loosely run the other colour up the edge as it was not as stretchy on that side as it was on the other. I did a bit of adjusting to get it blocking symetrically.
It sure is worthwhile to take the time to pin out each picot.
I will definitely knit this pattern again.

I also started the Pendulum shawl which is also a very easy knit. There is that issue with the peak in the middle of the first section but I'm hoping a firm blocking will eliminate that.
Basically it is a series of garter stitch short rows with increases at the beginning and end of every row.

I will be sitting around most of the afternoon while Skip has a routine medical procedure so I anticipate I will get a lot done on it then.

I have swatched for the Soumak Scarf Wrap that I saw someone knitting at the knitting retreat. There is an addendum correcting a mistake from the magazine. I am using many of my KnitPicks Palette colours and am supplementing from fingering weight or sock yarns.
I made a mistake about 8 rows in on the swatch and I didn't cut the ends because I'm just going to rip this out and reuse the yarn. It is a pretty easy slipped stitch pattern where you are only working one colour for two rows.

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