Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pendulum Shawl

I finished the Pendulum Shawl the other day and got it blocked. I had enough of the wheat-coloured yarn to do an extra section.

I blocked it quite firmly so it is quite drapey yet the garter stitch is still nice and squishy.
I'm not totally happy with the centre back and in retrospect, should have knit a long garter stitch tab instead of starting with three stitches and increasing.
I think this pattern would make a great rectangular scarf. I will inspect my sock yarn and fingering weight stash to see what might work.

I have been inspired by some of the weaving projects I've seen on the Weavolution website. Skip liked the linen stitch scarf I recently completed and I do have a narrow one I can give him but I could also weave one. I woke up yesterday morning thinking about what I would use for the warp. I have a ball of Zauberball black and white yarn I could use for the weft.

I took a couple more photos of the linen stitch scarf.
 Did I mention I LOVED doing the fringe?
Too bad Skip doesn't like the fringe. I stretched the scarf out to 7' when I blocked it so now it is nice and long for doubling and wrapping around my neck.
I noted that some people knit the linen stitch scarf in the round, knitting several stitches between rounds that will be unravelled for the fringe after completion. That way you only have to do the right side stitches, staggering them in the next round. This knitter explains it well with photos.

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