Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pendulum Update

I continue to work away on the Pendulum Shawl. There is an increase of two stitches every row so each wedge section is much bigger than the last.
I have used 12g on the last blue wedge and still have a couple of rows to finish. There should be 30g left for an extra wedge and the bindoff. There is more of the wheat yarn so I'm not concerned about getting to the end of a 6th wedge. The pattern only calls for 5 wedges each but hey, since I have the extra yarn, I might as well use it. It will be a L O N G scarf, perfect for wrapping around my neck several times or doubling and tying in unique ways around my neck.

Yesterday I received more paperwork to complete for my knitting gig on the luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises. After dinner I put on some makeup and got Skip to set up the tripod and take some photos I could use for the requested 'headshot'. With all that sent back in, now I just have to wait to see when my flight will be to my embarkation port. Eeeeek!!! This is SO exciting!!!

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