Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sneaky Blocking

I finished Skip's manly linen stitch scarf using three different colourways of Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line 6-ply yarn.  I blocked it to 8" x 64" and sure hope it isn't too long for him. I don't want it to hang below his coat when simply crossed across his neck.

I had to be sneaky after I blocked it because I didn't want him to see it pinned out. After getting it pinned, I took the two foam tiles and just stood them up in my office where he couldn't see the blocking just looking in my door. In order to get this long scarf on only 2 tiles (24" square), I doubled it over. It will take longer to dry but I 'll be able to steam out the crease and it should look fine.
Either side will look good and it will be nice and snuggly around his neck. Just in time, too, because just this week he misplaced the last scarf I knit him. But I'm going to make him wait 'til Christmas - or until we exchange gifts if we do end up going on the cruise.

Speaking of the cruise. I received a message yesterday that we've been bumped but we won't know if that is the final decision until 2 - 3 days before we sail. It will depend on how  many cancellations there are.  Half my mind is planning for the cruise and the other half is thinking about the world of possibilities open to us for a Plan B. Not too much longer now before we know for sure...

The coolest thing happened last night while Skip and I attended our town band's Christmas concert. We were going back into the church after intermission and someone who recognized me stepped forward and said my name. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a former classmate from university who also played the oboe and later accompanied my oboe playing on the piano. The last time I saw her was 1996 but I'd heard,  through a mutual acquaintance who was a former student of mine, that Lois had switched schools. And she now lives in the next town!!! And has for the past 8 years!!!  And Glenn Ward, the conductor of the band, also a classmate of ours, got to chat with her, too.
Wow! I was so excited about seeing her after all these years, I couldn't get to sleep last night.

Today (12/13/14) was Skip's 70th birthday and I tried to make it a 'special day' for him. I actually got up and made him what I call a 'deluxe' breakfast - bacon, eggs, and coffee. Scooter, who turned 21 yesterday, arrived in time to join us for dinner at our local French restaurant where were enjoyed a lovely meal and then returned home for tea and dessert.

Earlier, I had made paleo cinnamon rolls which were a substitute for a birthday cake. Note the use of aluminum foil as a liner for the pan. It makes cleanup really easy. I hate scrubbing baked on stuff from pans.
It does look a little pathetic, but Skip (aka Fred) appreciated my efforts to keep our celebratory dessert within our dietary plan (low carb).
And now... to bed.

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