Friday, 19 December 2014

Still in Limbo

The cruise on which I'm scheduled to teach knitting as part of the entertainment program leaves Miami on Sunday evening. It is oversold and there is a waiting list. Officially, I have been bumped but have been told to stand by until 2 - 3 days before the sailing as they work through the cancellations and the waiting lists. So we wait...  

We've piled stuff up to take and I'm assembling the necessary knitting equipment  - swift, yarn winder, darning needles, extra crochet hooks, stitch markers, knitting needles, small balls of yarn from my stash for beginners' swatches, etc. etc.  Plus my own knitting that I want to take.

I am assuming that if I haven't received my cruise ticket by tonight, that we won't be getting on that ship. Thank goodness for being able to cancel our air tickets and hotel reservations without penalty.

In the meantime, I have knit a hat from the 2015 Crystal Odyssey Art at Sea Knitting collection with some lovely 'fur' yarn - Lanas Stop Koala

It has a shallow crown that is knit with lovely Karabella Aurora 8 merino yarn.
You alternate a purl round of merino with a purl round of the 'fur' yarn. Then switch to stocking stitch for the crown. It knit up in one evening. Omitting the crown, you'd get a nice headband/earwarmer.
I'm also sporting the slouchy cowl also knit with Karabella Aurora 8 yarn. I added an extra repeat of the reverse stocking stitch as there was enough yarn to do so.
These patterns designed by the witty and talented Berta Karapetyan and are exclusive to the Odyssey Art at Sea Knitting program on the Crystal Cruise line. Hopefully I'll be scheduled for a non-overbooked cruise sometime. Sigh.

Ah, yes, first world problems. Skip and I have some ideas for Plan B. We definitely won't be sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

Happy Holidays, y'all!

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