Thursday, 4 December 2014

Update, Not Necessarily Looking Up

The car's battery was replaced on Monday morning and I picked the car up. As I was pulling into my driveway at home, I noticed the GPS was missing. Damn! The keyless remote wasn't working when the tow truck dropped the car and me off at the dealership on Saturday and I was so addled that I didn't go back and manually lock my car door. I'm guessing there is a wandering band of hooligans that cruises the parking lot testing doors. Also missing was a couple of dollars of change from my cup holder.

Another GPS was ordered online and arrived yesterday but it doesn't have a couple of features the other one had.  I will call the dealership tomorrow and tell them it was stolen in their lot.

The yarn kits for the cruise knitting program arrived on Monday and I didn't have to pay any duty. Yay! I did have to pay HST (sales tax) but I expected that. I have started a sample cowl that I actually want to use myself. It is an easy 'slouchy' stocking stitch/reverse stocking stitch pattern.

I re-started the Haruni shawl for my friend, this time using larger needles. I think it will block more nicely and be relatively 'drapey'.

Skip and I aren't sure if we'll get on the cruise or not. I took my lovely, new gown (for formal nights) in for some minor alterations and it will be ready in time. I did get a couple of errands done yesterday that I had been procrastinating about so am glad they are done. I'm getting my hair trimmed tomorrow and have to book a shuttle from the airport to the cruise port; just odds and ends to do as I think of them.

I made my hotel reservation for next October's visit to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, NY. One large hotel I tried was already sold out for that weekend!! I found lodgings at the Garden Plaza Hotel where the pre-festival event was held this year on the Friday night. Hopefully, because of its big success, it will be held there again next year.

We are still getting used to Ollie not being around any more. I haven't been without a cat in 31 years.

I'm not really feeling the Christmas spirit. I did venture out shopping on Wednesday and enjoyed the Christmas music in the stores, but I really can't get revved up for the season. I don't think I'll even put up my tree. I'm not depressed or anything... just a little sad missing Ollie and feeling somewhat like a Scrooge, shopping-wise.

Sorry, no pics this time. Too much going on. Hopefully next time.

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