Thursday, 15 January 2015

Haruni The Second

Whenever I wear my Haruni shawl, I get lots of compliments.

I knit it from seacell/silk yarn I hand-painted using Sky Blue Jacquard dye painting, then diluting (thus lightening) the dye.

I wear it slung over one shoulder with the two ends meeting over my other shoulder where I pin them.

A friend of mine asked me to knit her one after seeing mine. I took her yarn shopping at Romni back in November where we selected some lovely hand-painted yarn by Rhichard Devrieze. It is the same base yarn as Koigu sock yarn so has a nice twist.
While on the cruise, I did a lot of work on this while I was knitting in public. Two guests asked me for the pattern, which I was happy to give them.
I LOVE the leaf detail on the border.
I was not surprised to learn that there is now a Haruni Variation Collection.

I knit an extra pattern repeat to make it a bit larger before starting the border (Chart B). There was plenty of yarn to do so.
I particularly like the design of the points at either end of the 'hypotenuse'. So often designers don't bother working the design to a point. Emily Ross really did a beautiful job with this border. The last row that looks crocheted and joins the three stitches at the points of the leaves, is simply done with knitting.
A firm blocking is the key, pinning out each of the loops on the edge.

Now I want to make another.

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