Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Quick Look

Skip and I have been taking it easy today - catching up on correspondence, processing photos, doing laundry, etc.

He finally got me to drag my butt out the door at about 4:30 to go over to the birding centre for a quick look before it closed.

The first thing we saw was a spotted sandpiper.
The bottle brush tree is just coming into bloom.
Then we spotted a Wilson's snipe.
It was hard to get a shot of him with his beak out of the water.
The green heron was near his usual place, hunkered down in the shrubs.
There were several soras clamboring over the reeds.
Mr. and Mrs. blue-winged teal gave us a good show.
At home, when we hear the red-wing blackbird, we know we're well into spring. Here, they're really showing off their epaulets.

As we were leaving the parking lot, we saw these two raptors flying around. When they landed on the railing of the water tower, we were able to identify them as peregrine falcons.

I was quite far away and we were losing light but I'm happy I got these shots.

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