Saturday, 28 March 2015

Back Again

Skip and I are trying to cram in as many visits to the Birding Center as we can before we leave next week to go back home.

It was SO nice there yesterday - sunny with not a cloud in the sky and only a slight breeze.

Just as we got out of the car in the parking lot, Skip spotted this female ruby-throated hummingbird flitting around. Then she landed on the barbed wire fence to rest - and stayed there long enough for me to dig out my camera, turn it on and get several shots.

 Out on the boardwalk, we noted that there are still some redheads in residence and a couple of royal terns
that seemed to be having a deep conversation of some kind.
I wanted to get a photo of the Eurasian collared dove for my archives.
This willet was also wandering around the bank along the waterway by the boardwalk.
A tricolour heron landed close by.
Over by the gator pond,  the mama was keeping an eye on her offspring on the far shore.

There are many schools of blue tilapia of all sizes in the waterways.
The males  make these round 'nests' by digging out the sand and spitting it out onto the sides, creating 'craters' under the water. There are several of these along one of the boardwalks. The males have the red colouring on their tails.
 Blue-wing teal.
In this group shot is a little blue heron, two snoozing black-bellied whistling ducks, a black-necked stilt, some snoozing blue-wing teal and a great egret.
Back at the centre, I'm taking a few scenic shots for my memory bank. We won't be back to SPI for at least 10 months and possibly years.
These will make great pics for my desktop slideshow.

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