Monday, 9 March 2015

Knitting Photo Update

It is raining out today so we are catching up on laundry, photo processing, blog posting (me) and diary writing (Skip), etc.

I have finished first afterthought heel sock. Right now it is a tube sock.
I'm working on the second one and will insert the afterthought heel once I'm done them both.
I think they'll work very well with jeans (which I wear 95% of the time).

I knit this baby boy's basketweave sweater on the way down in the car. It used Karabella Aurora 8 worsted weight yarn. The details for decreasing for the neckline were a nice touch. The rolled collar, cuffs, and hem made for an easy, neat finish. This is a sample for the cruise line 2015 knitting program.
Here are the finished socks I knit from the Vice yarn I picked up in La Grange TX on the way here. Dyeing the sock block and creating two identical balls of yarn was probably more interesting than the actual finished product knit with the yarn - although I like the colours in the foot. They remind me of green jays.
I used the stitch pattern (staggered cables) from Decadent socks. I cast on 72 sts. After knitting a 1" cuff, I knit a 7" leg in the pattern then knit 1" of stocking stitch. I used an 'eye of partridge' heel.

Green Jay

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