Saturday, 14 March 2015

More Birding on the Island

Skip and I went out for a quick look today. It is Spring Break here on the island and things are rather noisy. However, out on the boardwalk at the birding centre, things were a lot quieter.

Here are the birds I got shots of today.

This black-bellied whistling duck was having a snooze balanced on one leg.
Long-tailed grackles are ubiquitous. They are very noisy. However, their plumage is a lovely  mid-night blue colour and their tail feathers form an nice, rounded 'v' pattern.
This belted kingfisher has been in residence at the birding centre since we arrived. He may even stay here
Yet another photo of a tricolour heron.
We don't often see black-crowned night herons so close to the boardwalk and so out in the open.
The black-bellied whistling duck woke up from its nap and is ready to go again.
Near the water feature in the parking lot, we spotted this migrating eastern phoebe. We have seen a few of these flycatchers here yesterday as well.
Also yesterday, we saw the solitary long-billed curlew that hangs around the birding centre. I got this shot just after he had dug a little crab out of the mud.

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