Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Thoughts about Afterthought Heels.

I finished the striped, ribbed, afterthought heel socks.
It took some planning to get the right colours aligned for the heel.

I followed the instructions in this video, starting to knit the heel in the middle of the sole stitches, partway through the grey stripe before the orange stripe.
Basically, knitting an afterthought heel is like knitting a toe, doing the same decreases down to about a third of the original number of stitches. I decided I wanted the final heel stripe to have about the same number of rows as the preceding stripe so I knit half the number of rounds of grey and then grafted the heel closed (at dotted section) with grey adding another row to the stripe.
I'm pleased with the result of these identical twins.
I'm wearing them now as we have been plagued with a Norte - a period of wind and rain that is stuck over most of the south-central part of the US. It has been pouring rain all day today so Skip and I have been holed up in the condo. I feel really sorry for the Spring Breakers who have traveled far and spent money to spend the week here. The temperatures are not going to go above the 20C until possibly next week and after today's rain, scattered showers are forecast for the next week.

Yesterday we ventured into Brownsville to get the car's oil changed at the Hyundai dealer service centre. We had lunch at one of our favourite authentic Mexican restaurants, Emilia's, where soup, chips and salsa, and dessert are included. Most entrees are between $6.99 and $8.99.

Today we haven't gone out. It has been pouring rain all day. We're thinking about going to the island cinema, just for a change of scenery.

I'm not sure what my next knitting project will be.


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    1. Thanks, Mo! Can you believe it's Kroy sock yarn? I love the stripes.

  2. I enjoy your blog and I have learned a lot about the different birds that you and your husband have seen. The sock are so pretty all of your knitted items are so pretty.