Monday, 4 May 2015


While in the US last week, I picked up some fabric to make some more dinner napkins.

I have summer ones that I made with faux gingham and stitched bugs on them,
Christmas ones,
 Halloween placemats,
and autumn ones which can be used with the Halloween placemats or other placemats.
I had a set that I used when we had company but I left one of them in Texas by mistake so I needed to make another appropriate set.

I wanted something to go with the placemats that I use when we are dining outdoors on the deck. I fashioned these spring-themed napkins that work with the placemats.
 And these that would be good for company. They also work with the green faux cane placemats.
Now we can wipe our mouths with impunity and avoid using paper napkins.

The napkins are easy, peasy to make. I buy a yard of fabric (a metre if I'm buying fabric in Canada) and cut into quarters. I stack and trim them to the same dimensions.

Then I iron a 1" hem all around and tuck the raw edge up to the ironed edge and top-stitch all the way around, mitreing the corners. There are lots of helpful videos/websites with instructions for mitred corners.

And that's it! Do your bit for the environment and use cloth napkins!

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