Friday, 15 May 2015

Upscale Baby Sweater.

I finished the Coach baby sweater. As I used thicker yarn, it is 9 - 12 month size but cute, just the same.

I have purchased the button but haven't actually sewn it on yet.
It wasn't too annoying to knit. The seed stitch only occurred in the cuffs, collar and the logo pattern.
It is knit from bottom up to the underarms. Then the rest of each front and the back are knit separately and put on holders. Then the sleeves are knit from the cuff up. I did mine in the round then back and forth once I got beyond the underarm. Once all the pieces are knit, they are put in order on a circular needle and the neck and collar are knit.
All that is left is to seam the raglan sleeves to the back and fronts.
After knitting all the pieces, I noticed a mistake in the middle of one of the 'C' logos. It was too far down to unravel so I just snipped the yarn in that row and kitchenered the correct stitching. Once the sweater is blocked, the repair won't show at all.

I also have the buttons for the other two cardigans. They're not sewn on either. This one will take 6 pearl-like buttons.
Only three are needed for this one.
I'm working on another one with some mystery fingering yarn that I suspect has some bamboo and pima cotton in it. It might even have some cashmere.

The pattern is Sunnyside Cardigan by Tanis Lavallee and is knit from the top down. The instructions are not for a beginning knitter. They are a bit sketchy and could be very confusing to a non-experienced knitter. However, this pattern could be used as a template for almost any top-down cardigan with a lace pattern along the raglan seam and down the fronts. I'm hoping this sweater will be closer to 3 - 6mo. size.

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