Friday, 19 June 2015

4 Year-Old UFO

I was rummaging around in my office/craft room and encountered a UFO that I started back in 2011. I abandoned it only 8 rows from the finish. It is blocking now.
I used a mill end skein of Socks That Rock lightweight yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck back in 2009. It is a lovely, round, 3-ply sock yarn. It is a bit thicker than most sock yarns - the 100 g skein yields 360 yd.
The pattern is Mizzle, a free Ravelry download, and was given to me by my knitterly friend, JennB.  It is an easy knit. I would definitely recommend it for beginning lace/shawl knitters.

It has a bit of texture so is not mind-numbing to knit.
To block the round edge, I used these Premium Blocking Wires that I purchased on etsy from Inspinknity. They are well worth the investment if you plan to do any circular or semicircular knitting and blocking.
I used Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy bindoff for the edge (closeup starts at about 0:55 on the video if you don't want to hear a lot of intro). Be warned, it consumes double the yarn so I had to tink back a row to have enough yarn to finish the project. I'll definitely be using this bindoff for the cuff of the toe-up sock I'm working on. I just found a video of this technique using a crochet hook. Note to self: remember to try that next time.

I was just looking at other people's Mizzles on Ravelry and noted it would look very nice using gradient yarn or striped yarn. Another note to self...

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