Monday, 1 June 2015

Cable Squares

I have had such an urge to knit cables. I am knitting a series of squares incorporating various cable patterns gleaned from various sources - knit designer books, sweater patterns, stitch pattern guides, etc.

I hope to ultimately put the squares together for a lap blanket or perhaps an afghan. For consistency, I am using a garter stitch border of 47 sts - 5 ridges (10 rows) x 5 edge stitches. As many of the cable patterns pull the fabric in, I add any extra stitches in the 10th garter stitch row before starting the cable pattern.

My first test square was a cable designed by Fiona Ellis for the Celtic Icon hoodie in her book "Inspired Cable Knits". Interestingly enough, I posted a pic of my work on Facebook on Saturday as I was knitting out on the deck, enjoying the gorgeous weather we were having. Fiona recognized it and made a comment on my Facebook page. Good eye, Fiona!

My next test swatch was from Fiona's "Twisting With the Cable Girl" handout I received when I did her workshop back in '08. I cannot tell you how quickly cables go once you learn how to knit them without using a cable needle. I may not use this for a 'square' but perhaps will use the cable from the 'Practice Makes Perfect' scarf.
This square is from Fiona's "Sounds Like Fun" cable pattern. Initially, I cast on 54 sts (44 of the pattern plus 10 border sts). After knitting the cables, the bottom border was all ripple-y so I realized I needed fewer stitches. I snipped a stitch in the middle of the 10th garter row and reknit from the bottom of the cable down decreasing across the row to 47 stitches. Most of the decreases were done where the knit and purl stitches abut. This was actually the first 'square' I knit after the test squares, hence determining the border's stitch count for future squares.
This square is from the 'Must Have Cardigan'. I changed the braid on each side from 3 x 3 to 2 x 2. I also added 7 extra sts after the garter stitch border.
I also realized I hadn't properly interpreted the chart when I knit this cardigan for myself. I did a 2 x 2 cable in the travelling cable by mistake as I hadn't read the stitch definition properly. However, I like the look of the tighter/smaller cable better.  If I were to knit the cardigan again, I would change the wide travelling cable from 3 x 1 to 2 x 1 adding an extra reverse stocking stitch stitch on each side. so the cable wouldn't be so prominent.

This was a sample inspired by a couple of braids and cables.
These squares are knitting up quite quickly.

I am looking for other cable patterns to practice in books that I already have by Alice Starmore, Barbara Walker, Melissa Leapman, and other cable patterns.

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